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Getting an FFL license is very important for any firearm dealer, importer, pawnbroker, collector of firearm curios and firearm manufacturer. Basically, there are 3 classes of these licenses namely: Class 1 (for national importers), class 2 (for manufacturers and dealers) and class 3 (for local gun shop owners). Getting an FFL license has many benefits in fact if you want to thrive in the firearms market; you’ve got to get this license.

The Benefits of Getting an FFL license

Relic Ownership Rights
Individuals who possess a federal firearm license are allowed to own certain firearms that are ordinarily restricted to other people. For an ordinary person, getting access to the ‘relics’ firearms would be very difficult. The government regulations describe relic firearms as being beyond ‘normal usage’ and therefore they cannot be entrusted to an unlicensed person. Some common examples of these firearms include the fire arms used in museum displays and guns which were used over 50 years ago. Generally, relics attract a higher market value than the ordinary fire arms and you must possess a valid FFL in order to sell them.

Saving More
Possessing an FFL enables you save up to 30% of the cost of purchasing a firearm. As you can see, despite having to pay the license fee, you’ll end up recovering more through discounted firearm prices. If you’re planning to buy firearms on frequent basis, you should first of all get an FFL as this will help you save more on every purchase.

Firearm Sales
The bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms (ATF) requires that you have an FFL before starting to sell firearms. Whatever your nature of firearms sales, you must be sure to get this license. This requirement applies for part-time, full-time, gun show and any other type of firearm sales as much as it is done in accordance to the law.

For Gun Makers and Resellers
If you normally build and resell your own guns, you can be in a better position to thrive by applying for an FFL license. You don’t want to lose out on hefty overhead costs that are associated with not having these licenses.

Firearms Wholesaling
By possessing an FFL license, you’ll be in a position to purchase guns at wholesale prices. Most firearms manufacturers would not like to trade with an individual who does not possess an FFL. If you have this license, you’ll be able to avoid the middle man charges which otherwise inflate the cost of buying a gun. As a firearm dealer, you can benefit more by applying for this license as you’ll be able to obtain your supplies at cheaper prices.

Sale of Firearm Accessories
Selling gun silencers, gun stands and any other type of firearm accessories is also a good way to earn income. If you deal with firearm accessories, you’ll be in a position to realize more profits by applying for an FFL.

As you can see, it is very important to get a FFL license. If in case you want to apply, do not hesitate seeking for guidance whenever necessary.

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