Jul 112012

 Many people may wonder how to get a class 3 license. Due to the National Firearms Act, any weapons that are classified as Title II firearms must be taxed and registered, as well as closely monitored thereafter. Title II firearms include grenades, poison gas, bombs, silencers, shotguns, machine guns and short-barreled rifles, as well as other guns that can be easily concealed. To deal them or manufacture them, you must have a Federal Firearms License with a Class 3 tax distinction, or simply known as a Class 3 license. It can be tough to finance the application, but the process itself is generally straightforward.

 First, you’ll need a building zoned to use commercially. Make sure you ask an attorney whether the local or state laws even permit you to have a business with a Class 3 FFL at your chosen location. Next, you will want a lockbox or a gun safe that can handle all of the firearms you want to sell. The windows of the building should have metal bars that are stationary or have lockable metal barricades, and all firearms should have trigger locks. Finally, having an electronic security system is necessary for any building conducting Class 3 FFL sale business.

 Go to the police headquarters in the jurisdiction of your business location, explaining that you wish to apply for a Class 3 license. You will receive your application to complete.

Also head online to the official website for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and seek the forms for ATF Form 7 (5310.12) – Federal Firearms License Application Packet.” This is not a free packet; you’ll need a PayPal account or a credit card to purchase the fee and order the packet.

 Upon receiving the delivery, fill it out and obtain photos of yourself in the style of passports, which you can do at the post office, as well as obtaining fingerprint records. Fingerprints must be done with the special sheet in the packet and brought to the police headquarters to have an officer assist you in your quest to obtain a Class 3 license.

 Obtain a $200 certified check from a bank if you wish to sell any kind of weapon except for destructive devices like poison gas, bombs, guns or guns with caliber beyond .50, as well as ammunition that can pierce armor. In these cases, you must make the check out for $3,000. Mail out all of your information and use certified mail to ensure you do not lose your money. 

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